$ whoami

Hi, I’m Michael, and welcome to my website! 🎉

I’m a Software Engineer from Italy with a strong passion for technology and innovation. I love building new stuff, and I
spend a considerable amount of time learning new things both for my job, efficiency, and sheer curiosity.

From a professional standpoint, I mostly work with C# and TypeScript. However, I fell in love with Go, and I always try to
find some time to write something in this awesome language.
My projects are mostly related to Web Development, as my job is. But I find myself messing around with Creative Coding, Game Development, and more!

Why a personal website?

To start, I want to clearly state this website is not supposed to work as my CV or as a portfolio. This is only my little unprofessional space on the Internet.

I choosed this website to have a space to write freely about anything. My first blog was all about tech and programming. I will now treat my website as MY website and write anything I feel like writing (not necessarily about tech).

I might add that, although I’m quite the talkative one, I don’t necessarily like being around people, and I love to be one my own with my thoughts - writing is a good way to do that.

I had other two personal websites before this project. My main website, and a separate blog, both in GatsbyJS.
The code is still available here:

If you want to know why they’re no more and how I built this website, you can read this.


Since I don’t have any interest in using this website professionally, you can find this project OpenSource on my GitHub.

No tracking!

Furthermore, since I value privacy, and I don’t have any reason to know who ends up here, this website is ads,
trackers and user-telemetry free!