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Goodbye GatsbyJS, Welcome Hugo ✍️

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From the ashes

How did I end up with only one website, and why? The main reasons are simple, consistency, and simplicity!

There are some other reasons behind this decision, however. For instance, the quality of content I want to have here and a refreshing tech to build on top of!

Merging two websites into one

One of the motives I had two separate websites in the first place was separation of concern. In practice, I didn’t want my profile to visually collide with my blog posts. I feel like it was not the worst decision I could make, still, it wasn’t the best either.

Another thing I was getting sick of was GatsbyJS. Don’t get me wrong now, I love GatsbyJS. It’s fast, and simple, using GraphQL for content is a breeze, and it builds on top of ReactJS. HOWEVER, builds are slow, and they’re even slower when compared to my current framework Hugo. In addition, I was getting sick of creating tons of React components for a simple blog, maybe it was me overengineering stuff - in any case I don’t have that problem with Hugo.

This was the perfect excuse to try and refresh my website’s tech. Also, my love for Go played an important role here - despite you can use Hugo without practically touching Go code.

Since I didn’t feel like using my old theme or creating a new one, I opted to use a theme from somebody else. I designed and created my previous themes in ReactJS + custom css, yet, I don’t enjoy designing front-ends that much, so I decided to skip that part this time. Here’s the link to the Hugo theme I am using, thanks to zzossig for it, this is just what I needed!

I messed around with the theme settings quite a bit, changing layout, colors, etc. Knowing myself, I’ll probably end up completely changing it with time.

A change of direction

When I started my previous blog, I aimed to get more involved with the Software Development world. I was almost out of school at the time, and I didn’t have a job. Hence, I decided to fill my lack of experience with what I could, in this case showing my interest publicly on the Internet!

My old posts were simple, concise, and somehow random. Just a little something to try and get some visibility.

I guess it kind of worked, I found a job not long after I started looking for one. I’m not sure the blog had anything to do with it, but it was surely something nice to have!

Now I’m on my second job, and despite being significantly far from being a Senior Developer, I feel like my priorities have changed. I don’t need to have something to fill the empty spaces in my professional life anymore.

Still, I want to write about my passions, ideas, and such topics. So, I figured I could get rid of my old posts and start new ones. I’ll also lean toward Software Development as a hobby, rather than a job, with more complex and curated content if I want to write anything about it.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time, I don’t like the idea of leaving the links of my old posts leading to dead-ends. Then I thought about how many links leading to Microsoft’s Blog don’t work anymore (tons of them, believe me…), and I figured I’m being too harsh on myself.

I don’t expect to get much traffic on this website other than people casually opening this website from my LinkedIn profile out of curiosity. I wouldn’t know either, I don’t use any tracker, I don’t need to.

To wherever this takes me…

This website is my cozy and humble piece of the Internet. I find writing relaxing and inspiring, I won’t run behind schedules or trends, I will just follow my mind, wherever it brings me.